We Became Restless

The Progression in the market is too slow when it comes to more environmental friendly solutions, and as we all know – things are starting to be in a hurry. Our common global environment, just like your work environment is too important to wait for!

So we stopped waiting and more than a year ago, we started the journey by developing a whole new range of products for use in what the industry calls Public Transport with the goal of completely eliminating the use of traditional solvents, VOC, without compromising with effect.

And today, the future is here – we can now showcase the latest in preventative work, cleaning and graffiti cleanup:
THE KIND ONE ™ – the absolute most modern technology for effective solutions for the protection and care of your trains and buses.


A truck filled with OneTab Pro corresponds to 9 trucks with liquid detergent. Do you get it?
Let’s stop transporting water and plastic packaging together when we can reuse the packaging and refill with tap water. Water is in the tap.


Our Environment Challenge takes place here and now. Got what it takes? Enter the movement, there is no planet B.

What A Wonderful World

We give you what you need to suit all levels of  goals