Project Description

OneTab Run Off

is an environmentally friendly VOC-Free light acid tablet that dissolves easily in water. A super-concentrate system for vehicle wash, which avoids the need to transport water.

Area of use

For exterior washing of trains, subway, tram, bus, industrial lacquered metal and glass. Used in the rinse and drying step to get the vehicles anhydrous and dry after washing.


OneTab Pro Run Off is first dosed up to a desired concentrate after the dosage below:
200 liter container 16 kg tablets to 200 liters of water.

The product is then dosed according to the supplier’s recommendations.

  • Environmentally friendly and completely free of VOC
  • Minimizes plastic packaging and return packaging
  • Minimizes road transport
  • Minimizes storage space and handling costs
  • Not corrosive
  • Effective with good drainage and drying properties
  • 4 kg bag